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Hair Transplant In Singapore

With the advanced technology, there are a number of solutions that have been introduced as remedies to some conditions. One way that the technology has helped is the remedy for hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss, but with the new technology, this has been fixed. There are a number of hair transplant techniques used in Singapore. Here is a look at the general hair transplant process;

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The techniques

There are basically two major techniques of hair transplantation. The common techniques are the Follicular Unit Transplant, FUT and the Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE.

The FUT is the commonly used technique by most of the hair transplant Singapore specialists. In this surgery, a narrow strip of hair will be harvested from a donor area. Every follicular unit that is from the donor strip will be transplanted individually. For that, every graft unit will have about 1 or 4 hair strands. The FUT has proven to be the most consistent, effective and cost effective method.

The other method is the Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE, which entails the extraction of the follicular units from a wider donor area. This process is used for patients that feel uncomfortable with the FUT method though it isn’t as effective as the FUT extraction.

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Is it effective?

Technically, the hair transplant is very much effective and it has proven to work on different patients. The hair transplant in Singapore has proven to be very effective and it entails a process that is more natural. Prior to carrying out the hair transplant, the surgeon will need to consider some factors. The current state of the hair loss will be considered. The availability of a healthy donor and also, any possible expectations.

Is the hair transplant right for you?

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This is a question that many patients are curious about. Technically, not every patient will be safe enough to undergo the Singapore hair transplant procedure. The medical condition of the patient is one of the things that will be considered. If you tend to have a disorder with the circulatory system, including the blood, then this procedure might not be the right solution for you. If you have a higher rate of hair loss, then this procedure might also not be right for you. All in all, the overall health of the patient is what the doctor will determine if the hair transplant will be used.

Whenever you want to undergo a hair transplant in Singapore, ensure that you do a deep research to know all that is entailed. The cost of hair transplant in Singapore will range from one surgeon to another, so choose one who is cost-friendly. Contact your Hair Doctor Singapore now!

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