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Throughout time, hair has actually been an important aspect of one’s appearance as well as personality. Length, color, style and also amount have frequently been associated with power, youth, sex, appeal and health. It is no wonder then, that thinning hair, balding or a receding hairline is a very serious concern for individuals coping with hair loss. In fact, society has placed a great deal of both the social and cultural importance on hair and also hairstyles. Unfortunately, a number of conditions, improper hair care and diseases result in excessive hair loss. If you are shedding hair in large amounts, you better seek hair loss medication.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you may take medication in order to remedy the situation. Medications may slow down the thinning process of your hair, help to grow new hair, maintain as well as promote the health of that existing hair. You must keep in mind that this medication needs to be taken continuously since the effects are not permanent. In fact, anytime medication is stopped, the new hair will slowly fall out. Also, within a time span of just one year, any benefit that was provided by the medication will definitely be lost.

Treatments for the hair loss include:

Minoxidil – It’s applied to the head just like a lotion. This particular treatment increases the weight of your hair and also the number of strands that normally grow. This product is quite affordable and can as well be very effective. However, some of its side effects may include dandruff, flaky scalp and itchy.

Hair transplant – This involves taking some of the parts of the scalp which are bald-resistant and transferring them to the bald area. Those transplanted areas can generally grow hair all through your life because they are scientifically proven to be genetically resistant to turning into bald. Also, the transplant will look more natural if at all a few hairs are relocated for every session since the human hair grows in 1-4 strands of hair for every grouping of follicle.

Hair transplant Singapore cost

The common hair transplant cost in Singapore can differ from case to case. As a matter of fact, the total price differs depending on the total number of grafts you need, the price for every graft, the surgeon’s fee and other incidental charges.

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