Hair Loss in Men

hair loss men

Hair loss is a daunting prospect for any man, but you no longer have to just sit back and watch your hairline recede from whichever way it pleases. One of the biggest issues is that baldness has always been seen as an unattractive trait, especially with the majority of men not choosing to embrace it and as a result frequently opt for obscure comb overs to hide it.

But why do we lose our hair? It’s all because of increased levels of the male sex hormone in certain parts of our scalp; the hormone makes our follicles shrink and as a result new hair stops growing. Whether it be our hair line, temples or the bald spot on the top of our heads, this is unfortunately passed down from generation to generation.

Now the development of technology and procedures means that you have more control of your appearance than ever before. Although male hair loss is genetically determined there are a variety of methods you can go about defeating it and one of the more common ones is opting for plastic surgery. Surgery is regarded as one of the only reliable methods of replacing lost hair, most notably through a hair transplant.

These procedures are now being carried out on a regular basis and more people than ever before are willing to travel to get the best results and the best prices. Because of this we are seeing more people go to Singapore to find the most affordable hair transplant cost and to get some of the most current procedures performed – fue and artas hair transplants Singapore. In fact Singapore is gaining a lot of popularity because of the quality of procedures it performs and their work is in no way limited to locals, but foreigners too.

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