5 Major Causes of Female Hair Loss in Singapore

One of the major problems that many women in Singapore face is hair loss. This is a problem that is caused by many factors that range from genetic and other factors. Female hair loss can be very frustrating because it might have taken you a very long time for your hair to attain its length. This article offers you some of the major cause of hair loss in females in Singapore.

Genetic factors

One of the major causes of female hair loss among many women is hereditary factors. One of the most common forms of hair loss in Singapore is female pattern loss also referred as androgenetic alopecia that makes hair on the top of the head to thin. Studies have also shown that children born from parents, who have suffered from hair loss, have high chances of suffering from the same problem compared to children born from parents without the hair loss problem. To deal with this problem, there are several over the counter medications that can help deal with the problem.


Another major factor that makes many women suffer from hair loss is physiological strain. This can result from crash dieting or prolonged illness which makes the body lack enough protein or B12. These are ingredients that necessary for healthy hair growth. Emotionally trying moments such as divorce, loss of job or others can also cause hair loss. If this is the cause of your hair loss it is important to seek advice from hair doctor Singapore on the most effective way to deal with this problem. You should also seek advice from a professional counselor to manage the stress.


Some medications can also lead to hair loss as one of their side effects. Such medications include hypertension, cholesterol medications, anticoagulants, contraceptives and others. In most cases hair loss as a result of medications is temporary, but you need doctor advice.

Pulling and pushing

When you brush your hair too vigorously or wear tight braids, your hair can be pulled out in patches. This leads to a condition referred as traction alopecia. This is why it is advisable to brush your hair gently and ensure that you wear braid that fits your head in an effective manner.

Reduced immune system

Female hair loss can also be caused by reduced immune system. There is a condition known as alopecia areata that makes the immune system in females attack the follicles leading to clumpy hair loss or round patches. To deal with this problem, cortisone injections are recommended.

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