Do Hair Transplants Work?

Hair loss (alopecia) can be aggravating to anybody because of the obvious aesthetic and cosmetic reasons. This condition affects about 2 in every 9 in person in Singapore at some point in their lives with varying degree from one individual to another. Luckily, there is an excellent viable solution that works – hair transplant surgery.

The big Q

The question that lingers on many minds is; do hair transplants work? Yes, they do. But before the procedure is carried out, hair doctors first assess the current state of hair loss on the subject, the likely progression of the condition, availability of healthy donor hair as well as the soundness of the subject’s expectations.

Factors to be considered before a hair transplant

There are a number of factors to be considered for the best hair transplant in Singapore. The first one being the extent of hair loss. The doctors analyze the cause of alopecia and come up with the ideal plan. If you have lost hair due to illness or trauma, it’s assumed the hair loss is halted. If for some reason, your hair continues to fall then you might consider taking medication. Nonetheless, a plan to distribute transplanted hair follicles on the scalp gets rolling. Prior to all these, consultations regarding cost of hair transplant would have been discussed and agreed upon.

FUT vs FUE hair transplant

The success of any hair transplant in Singapore depends on donor zone. If there are healthy donor grafts available then the success rate is over 90 %. Your hair’s density, size and coarseness must also come into consideration. Using strip surgery (FUT) the hair doctors extract thousands of graft from a small area then use it to conceal hair loss. Alternatively, they may use punch surgery (FUE) – extracting grafts from a larger area – for the same procedure.

Realistic goals

It’s only natural that you’d love to get your hair looks back to the glory days of your youth but to be realistic, that’s not always possible. As you grow older, your scalp becomes more and more exposed. With expert hair doctors, you should be able to get your hair back. Through density restoration of hair follicles, your hair should be thick. Please note that the more complex the procedure, the more money you cough. However that shouldn’t be cause for worry as hair transplant cost in Singapore is the most affordable in the world. Consult a hair expert for answers to all questions you might have.

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