Hair Transplant Cost in Singaproe

Due to restrictions by the government of Singapore, the best centers that carry out hair transplant have been unable to market their services sufficiently to the consumers. Hair transplant methods have been in use for over ten years in patients who deserve to have a thicker hair line and restoring thinning hair. One of the most commonly known types of hair transplant methods is the follicular unit extraction hair transplant that works effectively to re-grow lost or thin hair permanently. This type of treatment can be carried out on area with severe hair loss to those that have mild hair loss. When done properly, the solution is long lasting.

This is a type of procedures that includes a series of test and diagnosis to determine the type of treatment suitable for a client. Because of this and many more reasons, the treatment is only affordable to a limited number of candidates in Singapore. Not to mention that there is only a handful of doctors who are specialized in the technique. This goes with a reminder that every patient must have a hair transplant donor for the procedure to be carried out.

If one has multiple hair donors, the procedure becomes slightly costly because the donor (hair) has to be extracted from all the individuals up for the donation. Picking on one sufficient donor is a perfect way of cutting down on the hair transplant costs even though there are circumstances that will necessitate multiple donors. For example if a larger part of the scalp needs repair then additional donors are required. The pricing ranges from one doctor to the other.

When it comes to dealing with the costs, the good news is that if one qualifies for hair transplant and has a donor, the fee doesn’t need to be paid all at once. In this case, a number of procedures are done with each procedure determined by the amount of money the candidate has. This goes on until the patient has had a complete transplant. It takes 12-18 months for the transplanted hair to grow back.

If the transplant is done on someone who has the hair loss going on, especially young men, more donors and even a second hair transplant is recommended in some cases to counter the problem efficiently. This means that this type of candidate pays more compared to their counter parts. The earlier someone seeks medication, the better.

The procedure itself is expensive as a team of qualified medics are needed here, plus the drugs used are also costly. However, at the end of the day it depends on the person that carries out the procedure. I f you want the best, stay away from deals that sound too good to be true.

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