The ARTAS Hair Restoration System

The ARTAS Robotic system is a modern device used in extraction of portion of a FUE hair restoration procedure. This is a process that has been done manually in the past. We are the only hair surgeons in Georgia to use this system when performing hair restoration. By use of this system, we have the ability to do hair transplant without any linear or recognizable scarring, without use of scalpels and no stitches. The use of the system allows a patient have a shorter period to recover compared to those who receive hair restoration using traditional linear strip method.

How ARTAS Robotic System works

This is a tool we use to carry out efficient, precise FUE procedures with high level accuracy. It helps us to get rid of the hair for transplantation from the donor without the use of a scalpel or any linear scarring. The other good thing is that it allows very short hairstyles, which is one of the major limitations of other traditional procedures used in hair transplant. The recovery time is shorter, less discomfort involved and there are less physical restrictions compared to the traditional hair transplant methods.

The system digitizes and scans a small region of the scalp to make identification and track each hair by use of complex software algorithms and customized, stereoscopic cameras. The robotics gets follicle units for hair transplant with high level precision. Each of the follicles is harvested with less or no trauma to the surrounding skin to ensure that the look of your donor area is maintained without any linear scar.

We create recipient sites in the sections of loss, making each site on its own to develop a natural pattern. This is done following the angles of your hair, creating permanent and natural hairlines. Each follicle is implanted into the recipient sites on its own. The good thing is that after you undergo the procedure, you can go back to your work after a few days. You will be able to move on with an active lifestyle without worrying that it will be noticed. In addition, there are no stitches, staples or sutures to remove and the small wounds that result after the procedure heal fast.

Unlike other procedures that might take long to see the results, you will be able to see positive results within three to four months. The density of the hair will improve until eight to twelve months after the procedure. You can always visit us got graft check appointments as you continue getting new hair.

Artas Hair Transplant Singapore: A State-of-Art without Noticeable Scarring Restoration Procedure

Have you lately noticed a receding hairline or found more hair in the shower drain than usual and wondering how your life will change? While hair loss is a common condition that affects people of all ages, different people respond differently to balding. At first it can be emotionally traumatizing or frightening and even affect your professional life especially if you are a public eye. Fortunately, technology has evolved over the years and you do not have to live with baldness anymore or even change your social life because of hair loss. A hair doctor Singapore can help reverse your hair loss by carrying out an effective Artas hair transplant.

Artas hair transplant Singapore stands out as the best Singapore hair transplant as it addresses some of the well known limitations with other traditional hair transplant procedures. Unlike other traditional methods, Artas procedure has shorter recovery time, less physical restrictions and less discomfort. The actual duration of the procedure is determined by your Singapore hair doctor but you can expect about four to eight hours to achieve the required restoration goals. After the procedure, you can be able to resume your daily activities within a day or two. Your appearance will also get back to normal within a week.

The shorter healing time is due to the way FUE hair transplant Singapore works. The doctor uses the Artas system sophisticated digital imaging and the robotic arm to harvest follicular units. The system works by continuously re-calculating your hair angle and position among other parameters to ensure optimal harvest. Unlike other technologies, Artas hair transplant Singapore method targets random follicular units, which allows the donor areas to maintain their natural look. However, it is important to note that hair transplanted through this method usually grows in long phases as the transplanted hair will need to develop its own blood supply.

You should expect to start seeing the outcome of the procedure after about three months and continue through the course of a full year when you will see final results. The good thing about this procedure is that it produces permanent results that will last your lifetime. Furthermore, you can continue to wear any hair length and style as there is only minimal scaring. The procedure is done in a doctor’s office and only requires local anesthetic. Other than minor discomfort and swelling post-procedure that happens to some patients, you will feel virtually no pain. The cost of hair transplant in Singapore depends on your hair restoration goals and necessary treatment. You should discuss the hair transplant cost with your doctor during the consultation.

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