What you Need to Know about Dense Packing

During our many years of practice in hair surgery, we often come across many patients who have genuine concerns and doubts about the kind of information they have received from the different physicians they have sought advice from. This is true about the amount of grafts required to be transplanted and the intended area they are supposed to cover.

In simple terms the more the grafts the better for you. It is a fact that the final results from five thousand transplanted grafts, offer a better impression comparing to results from two thousand grafts in the same surface area. It is also a fact that a transplanted hair density of sixty transplant units per cm2 is more effective, than that of forty units with similar hair characteristics.

The density of hair is also a crucial factor is making assessment of the quality results of a hair transplant. In addition, the differences you get in terms of results from various clinics are also more remarkable.

If the area of the hairline falls below the require density, you can be assured that the results will be substandard aesthetically. It is not advisable to transplant hair that has lower densities as a result of blood circulation problems and lower growth rates after undergoing a dense packing treatment. However, it is well known that dense packing is a process that requires a lot of labor, ample time, patience, skills and high level experience from the surgeon carrying out the process and the entire team involved. The rule that apply here is that the lower the density of transplant, the quicker and easier the procedure will be.

It is good to note that the transplant density is more than just a measurable value. It also depends on the subjective perception that the viewer has on it. The final results of the perceived density is dependent on the qualities of the donor hair transplanted such as color of the hair compared to the scalp, size and how the hair look like, for example, straight, curly or wavy. The results also depend on level of quality of the transplant units per surface area.

All our patients get a transplant of forty to seventy grafts per cm2 in the hairline area. This is something that must be done to all patients without fail. It is also worth noting that there are just a few hair surgeons in Europe who have the ability to make this claim.

Getting a Better Look with Dense Packing Hair Transplant

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The most known common cause of hair loss is from genetic predisposition that is usually inherited from both sides of the family. Most people begin to lose hair at some point in their life. In most cases, it is usually evidenced when one is aging and it becomes really a bother to many people. However, there is no need for one to worry because now, one can get a dense packing hair transplant successfully and achieve to get that desired look.

First of all it is important to understand the normal density range on a person`s head. One usually has 60 to 120 hair root groups per square centimeter but also it varies in the various different parts of the scalp. The reason to know this is because one`s hair density plays a vital role in any hair transplantation. Well the hair density that is achieved through this practice is decisive in achieving an aesthetic natural look result. Dense packing transplantation involves implanting FUs in a certain density in a particular area of the scalp. You can get this hair transplant in Singapore and you will be taken through by the hair doctor Singapore professionals.When you get a hair transplant, you are assured that you will get a head that is full of hair for the rest of your life. Among the advantages of this practice is that, hair transplants are usually minimal invasive thus they present no risk to one`s health. The procedure is painless for it is performed when one has been administered anesthesia.

The FUE hair is transplanted per hair follicle but not per graft thus the best hairs are the ones that are usually chosen during this practice. Only the healthy, strong, and genetically resistant to balding follicles are chosen and you will be guaranteed of a densely growing full head of hair. The FUE hair transplant can be used also in correcting the surgical procedures on one`s scalp as well as scarring from previous accidents.

Having a good set of hair increases one`s confidence as well as motivates somebody to be part of the society and participate in more social activities. Also one gets a full set of growing hair because the hair that is used during the transplant is one`s own. The hair transplant cost in Singapore is quite favoring ones pocket when compared with the hair transplant of other places and also the results of the FUE hair transplant in Singapore is miraculous.

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