Hair Transplant Procedure

When you want to have a hair transplant, there is a procedure followed in order to give you the best results. When you arrive at our facility, the hair transplant expert begins by looking at the schedule of the day. He or she then makes a review of the surgical consent form and other paperwork sent to you. This helps the doctor make review of the objectives set and provide you with answers of questions that you might have. Our doctor will re-draw the hairline marked and photographed carefully as you do the consultation. The physician then adds other markings in order to delineate the degree of the entire hair transplant procedure. You have an opportunity to make examination and discuss about them before moving on. The doctor then takes photographs that become part of your medical record.

Your are provided with sedatives so that you can relax before the procedure begins. However, if you wish you can remain alert during the procedure. Graft dissection is carried out in the same room where hair surgery will be performed. This ensures that our doctors can explain what is being done and give answers to all the questions you might have.

The duration of the procedure is determined by the number of follicular unit grafts to be transplanted. Those sessions that require less than eight hundred follicles can be completed within a few hours. However, sessions requiring more than two thousand follicles might take even a day to be completed.

We carry out the procedure in a friendly and in a comfortable environment. This ensures that you get the best experience during the entire process. You will take several breaks, to go to the toilet, eat and move around. This is what makes our services exceptional. All our staff are highly qualified to ensure high level comfort to our patients.

During the procedure we observe high level care to give protection to our clients and ourselves from contamination from blood. All our staff and patients undergo HIV and hepatitis tests to enhance protection and safety. All the equipment we use are sterilized using an autoclave or disposed.

End of the procedure

When the hair transplant procedure is completed, the positioning of all the grafts is checked thoroughly. You are provided with post operation guidelines and a printed copy is also given to you. The document contains the cell phone of your doctor so that you can communicate when you have an issue. The donor area will be covered with a tennis bandage and you will be required to wear a bandana. No dressings or bandages will be put on the area.

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FUE and FUT Method

FUE Method

In strip or FUT method, a strip of healthy hair is taken from back of head. Scalp is then carefully and methodically stitched from where strip has been taken. The wound heals very well and fast in majority of cases leaving a thin line of scar.

The grafting is carried out under high powered microscopic magnification. Hair graft contains 1-4 or 5 follicles. The procedure now to plant these hair grafts in recipient area.

FUE Method

In traditional follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplant Singapore, FUE hair grafts are individually harvested from back of head without involvement of cutting or stitching, using specially designed instrument. The rate of transaction is minimized and the grafts are fully utilized.

The individual hair grafts are separated and neatly organised in preparation of final procedure. The harvested hair grafts are implanted in individuals scalp. Presently Automatic FUE technique is used which gives better results and little or no pain and faster recovery. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and technique is minimum invasive.

The cost of hair transplant Singapore is approximately $ 5.00 per graft and the average procedure cost will be between $ 5,000 to 6,000 for one individual.

The hair transplant procedures are now applicable for eye brows and other skin problems such as scars and burn marks.

For entire procedure you may have to visit clinic two to three for follow-up. However, hair transplanting procedure may take 6-9 hours time in single sitting.

So, whatever may be the reason of your hair fall, it’s time you visit us to get your personality transformed. Call today for more information.

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