Lateral Slit Hair Transplantation Procedure and its Benefits

Lateral slits also known as horizontal or coronal slits allow the benefit of orienting the hair within the follicular unit to look the way it does in nature. It provides a higher degree of control over the angle and direction in which the transplanted hair will grow.

The follicular units that are put in the lateral slits offer a wide coverage than the one that are put in vertical slits. This happens because the hair has the tendency to fan out over the surface of your scalp instead of lying on the top of the other. Another advantage of the lateral slits is that they help to angle the grafts acutely and follow the natural angle of the client hair. This is especially vital in the crown, temples, sideburn region and also in restoring eyebrows.

To develop the recipient sites, our experts use different instruments. The instrument used is determined by the clinical situation. In all our hair transplant services, the end goal is to develop a snug between the skin near the graft and the follicular unit. This helps boost oxygenation of the grafts, enhance healing and enhance the survival of the grafts. The tiny recipients help to ensure that no visible scarring or other irregularities that might occur as a result of the procedure.

We employ the use of a number of customized made ultra fine blades to develop the recipient sites for the hair transplant. Before the start of the creation process, the different size follicular units are fitted into the specified sites in order to determine the right size of instruments for use for each of the grafts. Use of custom fitting help enhance the healing process. The other major benefit of lateral slits is that the grafts grow giving natural results and there is also enough density.

The other major benefit of the lateral slits is that it allows transplantation in sideburns and temples. These are two areas that are hard to transplant using other methods such as sagital method. This method is better than all other technologies used in hair transplant in the modern days. Most patients are looking for it because of its best results. The method is superior to others because of its preciseness and is well calculated to offer the best results in the hair transplant process. It takes more time and high level patience is also required to produce the desired results in hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Lateral Slit Technique

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The hair transplant lateral slit technique is considered one of the most revolutionary of all hair transplant methods. The nice thing about using the hair transplant lateral slit technique is that it makes you look natural and it also does not produce any noticeable scarring. Our hair transplant in Singapore clinic is well equipped and our doctors know how to use the right equipment.

Considering that the hair transplant cost Singapore can be quite high we have endeavored to ensure that the cost of hair transplant in Singapore at our clinic is kept to a very affordable level.

So, if you are worried that the hair transplant cost is going to prevent you from getting a hair transplant, then think again because we have slashed our hair transplant Singapore cost to attract people with limited budgets.

Our objective when it comes to conducting a hair transplant is to ensure that the graft units are healthy as well as viable and that these can then be planted into the scalp of the recipient with maximum success. We make full use of the hair transplant lateral slit technique to provide best results. Of course, before you undergo hair transplant you need to make sure that the donor’s hair suits yours. We can help you check the many options available and we will also give you a no-cost assessment of your chances. Just give us some pictures and some background information and we will assess your case and get back to you within 3 business days.

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