Trichophytic Closure Technique Procedure

Trichophytic closure is a technique this is used by our doctors to assist in reducing the donor site scars that are visible after graft harvest with strip excision. This is a more advanced technique to the past incision line closure method and it offers a lot of benefits compared to the former method. It is a more effective technique because it leads to total camouflage of the scar. This is very necessary because many people do not like to have scars that can be noticed by others and they also make them feel uncomfortable.

Despite that this is a technique that is new to many hair restoration surgeons in the modern days; it has been applied by facial plastic surgeons for many years in the past. Just like it has proved to be very effective in plastic surgery, this is still the same case that it has proved to work effectively in hair transplantation surgery. Its effectiveness is what has made us to apply it in all our hair transplantation procedures in our clinic. Our surgeons have been using it as technique to close cosmetic incision lines that appear at the hair line. More and more doctors in the modern days have realized the benefits it offers when applied for the incision line in the donor section.

The standard closure technique leads to appearance of a noticeable linear gap of scar tissue between the both sides of the strip excision site. The gap is known as the donor scar. A trichophytic closure brings another step to the traditional closure technique applied in the hair transplantation procedure. Instead of placing the two sides back together, the skin that appears along the lower and upper edge of the strip harvest site is trimmed in a careful manner before the two sides can be put together. The good thing is that there are no side effects or the need to wait for a long time before the scars are camouflaged.

The modification makes it possible for hair in the edge of the skin to grow up through the scar as you get healed. This is what leads to better camouflaging of the donor scar compared to what happens when that traditional closure technique is used. Trichophytic closure technique has been in the use in plastic surgery for a long time. However, it is now recognized as one of the most perfect method to reduce donor scaring in hair transplantation procedure.

Trichophytic Closure to Minimize Scarring

Tricophytic closure, known as hair loving in Latin language, facilitates hair growth through a healing wound. This technique was being used by plastic surgeons in repairing hair line during brow lifts.

The hair transplant procedure, done with FUT technique will leave these scars. The doctor will make a first incision parallel with hair follicles. Then doctor will trim the lower wound edge very carefully to remove 1-2 mm from top layer of hair follicles so that upper edges of wound can overlap lower edge. The skin under the hair follicles is slightly incised and trimmed wound edge is pulled toward opposite edge of wound. In this method, the lower layer of the trimmed hair follicles tend to point in direction of incision and not in the direction of skin surface.

The main objective of tricophytic closure technique is to grow hair through incision and drastically reduce visibility of scar. This technique is applicable where procedure has earlier been done through FUT technique and scar is visible. With persons having short haircut, this technique is more adaptable as alternative to FUT hair transplant in Singapore. The scar can also be avoided in Artas hair transplant.

Whatever may be the reason of hair fall, hair transplant cost is effected by procedure adopted. The main approach of selection of procedure is based on doctor’s suggestion. Therefore, it becomes critical to minimize the probability of scar formation. Then adopt tricophytic closure procedure in hair transplant procedure itself. This will keep check on cost of hair transplant.

The personality transformation through hair transplant and avoiding scar on the back of scalp are now possible. So, what you are thinking, call today and plan a visit to our clinic and enhance your personality. We offer best hair transplant in Singapore employing the latest and safest procedures

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